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How to Find the Best CD Advice and Ratings

The right advice could get you the best CD interest rates and the highest returns. Find out the best places to get CD advice.

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Where Can I Find Gold For Sale?

There are numerous places where you can find gold for sale. If you are looking for bullion grade gold coins or bars, your best bet is to buy from an established and reputable gold bullion dealer.

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6 Ways to Find Affordable SAT Prep Programs (Education and Your Money)

SAT prep courses can cost thousands of dollars. Here’s how to save.

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5 Sites to Find Green Coupons (Deal of the Day)

Cut the costs of organic and other eco-friendly items.

Americans seem to think so. Last year, largely because of recession belt-tightening, about a third of Americans regularly bought green products — the same level as 2008, and a reversal of the double-digit growth that characterized the green market between 2007 and 2008, according to market researcher Mintel.

While the majority of shoppers aren’t willing to pay a premium for eco-friendly goods, the committed green shopper is — and calculates that savings can accrue over the life of a product, says Brian Howard, the founder of TheDailyGreen.com, an eco-living site. He cites compact fluorescent bulbs as one example. Other items, like organic produce, offer perceived value in health and environmental benefits.

To broaden the number of eco-friendly customers, manufacturers and retailers are taking some steps to drive down prices. “Manufacturers have become very aggressive with couponing,” says Mark Kastel, the co-director and senior farm policy analyst for The Cornucopia Institute, a research group that promotes sustainable and organic farming. A growing number of sites where consumers can find coupons for green goods, range from CouponSherpa.com, which offers print-at-home organic and natural grocery coupons, to retailers like as Kroger and Safeway.

Here are five places to look:

1) Mambo Sprouts

Mambo Sprouts offers several options for consumers to get manufacturers’ coupons for organic, natural and other foods, Kastel says. For registered users, the site will send free mailed booklets; alternatively, it will direct shoppers to a nearby supermarket where the booklets can be picked up in person. There is also a section on the site to print out coupons, though not all stores accept home-printed coupons.

2) Manufacturer sites

Browse the sites of your favorite organic and eco-friendly brands — odds are good there will be some kind of print-out coupon, online code or loyalty program for savings and even free products, says Teri Gault, the founder of shopping site The Grocery GameEarth’s BestOrganic Valley and Seventh Generation all have pages of print-at-home coupons. Stoneyfield also has a reward program, offering points when you enter codes found on its products. (One six-ounce cup of organic yogurt yields one point.) Rewards include two free six-ounce cups of yogurt for 15 points and a Seventh Generation disinfectant combo pack for 70 points.

3) CouponSherpa.com

This site offers a free smartphone app that pulls up coupons for nearby businesses, Howard says. (Offerings include local stores as well as big chains including Barnes & Noble (BKS: 23.00, +0.67, +3.00%) and Zale (ZLC: 3.40, +0.22, +6.91%).) Shoppers need to click to pull up the coupon on their phone, and then show it to the cashier for the discount. CouponSherpa.com regularly has a section of print-at-home organic and natural grocery coupons, and for Earth Day they also have a special page of eco-friendly deals.

4) RetailMeNot.com

One of the experts’ go-to sites, RetailMeNot.com tags coupons and codes into categories including “green,” “organic,” “eco,” “natural” and “environment,” depending on what items you’ll find at that retailer or the nature of the coupon. Current deals include a code for 15% off at green living site Gaiam.com and $2 off any Kashi product.

5) Supermarket sites

Many big-name supermarkets are joining the online coupon trend, offering manufacturers’ coupons as well as exclusive deals on their own labels, including store-brand organics. Those deals are held to the same organic standards as brand-name products but cost 30% to 50% less, Gault says. Giant EagleWhole FoodsKroger, and Safeway all have pages. Many stores also offer the green option of letting shoppers attach coupons to a store-loyalty account instead of printing them. Shoppers swipe their cards at checkout and eligible coupons are automatically credited to their account.

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Wondering What a Stock Market Broker Is? Read This Article to Find Out

Are you wondering what a stock market broker is? In this article I am going to tell you what they are and what they do. View full post on Investing Articles from EzineArticles.com

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Find Treasure Everyday!

You can find treasure everyday if you know what to look for. Read on to learn how you could already have treasure worth big profits. View full post on Investing Articles from EzineArticles.com

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What Should You Do If You Find What Seems to Be a Very Lucrative Investment Opportunity?

Many times you find opportunities that might give you huge returns on investment. Before getting into something like this, use caution. Learn why this is necessary. View full post on Investing Articles from EzineArticles.com

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How to Find Highest 3 Month CD Rates

Getting the best highest 3 month CD rates would be a bit of a research oriented problem. People who love researching could do them easily by referring to a few bank websites. However, people who want quick results to start investing for such a short term do find it difficult with lots of banks and variations in their rate of interest. This article will help you find the best rate of interest and then compare them easily. View full post on Investing Articles from EzineArticles.com

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Employers – Find Out How You Can Contribute Tax Free Savings to Employees

With all of the various tax laws in place, untaxed savings accounts might seem too complicated to use. There are, however, several savings account options that can serve a two-fold purpose: providing tax free income that can grow uninhibited over the course of decades and providing a retirement program or health savings program that employers can add to and thus ensure that employees have a financial cushion for the future. View full post on Investing Articles from EzineArticles.com

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