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Mortgage Rates Hit a Record Low, House Prices Still Fall

It was only a matter of time before the economic fall in Europe crossed the Atlantic and started to affect the US market. The average 30-year and 15-year fixed-rate mortgages fell to the cheapest they’ve been since 1985 having APRs of 4.96% and 4.34% respectively.

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Busting Two Myths About Low Interest Rates

A lot of people believe that rates cannot possibly increase despite some of the poor economic figures that have continued to be released. For these reasons, they avoid refinancing to consolidate debt. We bust two of the most popular arguments that people make when it comes to why they do not refinance now while rates remain low.

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The Desire For the Highest Money Market Rates

Obviously, people are wanting the greatest return on their investments. This is the reason to seek out the highest money market rates. When people express their longing for the highest money market rates.

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Top CD Rates in America

America, land of the Free. We all thought that was in Freedom, not in having CDs that pay practically nothing. Not to be depressing, but these rates do depress me. But, I’ve also got a nice warm Starbucks to help cheer me up. I just hope my writing helps you find some little gems that increase your earnings a bit. View full post on Investing Articles from EzineArticles.com

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Best New Jersey CD Rates

As I was researching Certificate of Deposit Rates in New Jersey, I came across an interesting tidbit. They allowed the people to select a new slogan in 2006. The slogan selected is “New Jersey, Come See For Yourself”. So we are on the way to see what CD rates hold. View full post on Investing Articles from EzineArticles.com

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Staying Abreast of Annuity Rates

One of the first moves by the government and the Federal Reserve were to bring down interest rates in order to level the credit crisis that had the nation in its grip. This of course, did not bode well for bank investors. With inflation also playing a role, the returns from the bank look even bleaker. View full post on Investing Articles from EzineArticles.com

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News Hub: How Investors Should Play Rising Rates

MarketWatch’s Dave Callaway joins the News Hub from San Francisco and tells Simon Constable how investors should play a rising-rate environment.

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How to Find Highest 3 Month CD Rates

Getting the best highest 3 month CD rates would be a bit of a research oriented problem. People who love researching could do them easily by referring to a few bank websites. However, people who want quick results to start investing for such a short term do find it difficult with lots of banks and variations in their rate of interest. This article will help you find the best rate of interest and then compare them easily. View full post on Investing Articles from EzineArticles.com

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The Key to Currency Trading Profits: Currency Rates

All currency trading is based on currency rates as well as the prices that currencies trade at on the exchanges. The way to succeed at currency trading is to learn as much as you can about the currency rates.

After all, currency trading can be described as speculating in currency rates or betting that the price of a particular currency will go up or down. When you are able to predict which currency will go up or down youll know what currencies to buy or sell. That is what the experienced currencies traders do they learn which currencies to bet against or bet for bet for.

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George Soros became one of the worlds richest men through currency trading He made billions betting against currencies like the British pound and for other currencies. Soros was able to do this because he understood currency rates and the forces that drove them.

To make decisions about currency rates, youll have to be informed about the news and current events. This means that youll have to follow the news everyday and pay particular attention to events in the countries youll invest in. Fortunately, this is easier than ever, search engines like Google can be used to locate articles and websites about information in those nations.

Pay attention to everything in those countries including politics, international relations, war, terrorism, reports of crime and violence and business news. Then take a look at the currency rate, if theres a country in political turmoil with a high rate of poverty but a currency trading at high exchange rate that is a nation whose currency is about to fall. Conversely if there is a country with political stability and prosperity and undervalued currency that nations currency rate is about to rise.

When youre trading currency, there is substitute for careful study of the market. The market is the entire world and all of the countries in it. Fortunately for you, more information about nations and their currencies is available to the average person than ever before over the internet.

You no longer have to go to a library or subscribe to expensive magazines, newspapers or news services to get this information. All you have to do is surf the web and search for the information that you need. Search engines like Google can do the work for you.

The tools to understanding currency rates and taking advantage of them for successful currency trading are at your fingertips. Are you going to use them to make yourself a successful currency trader or not?

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